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China (Mainland) An Shan Ying Yat Trade Co., Ltd. No Trustpass Free member

An Shan Ying Yat Trade Co., Ltd. - last active on 17 November 2009 at 04.06 Last active: 17 November 2009 at 04.06
An Shan Ying Yat Trade Co., Ltd.'s rank: 654 Company's rank: 654
An Shan Ying Yat Trade Co., Ltd. - Parent company Company type: Parent company

Business type: Trading company ›› Iron & steel
Company introduction: We can process cast steel, cast copper, cast aluminum and any parts that cannot be processed by machine. We can produce heavy casting, rivet welding and heavy rivet welding products. We also can produce mechanical processing products, heavy cast steel and all kinds of processing products whose weight is 10ton-100ton.
We have high-tech producing and processing level with heat treatment and quenching-and-tempering.We have five-meter vertical lathe, ten-meter lathe and twelve-meter boring machine etc.

We professionally produce heavy mechanical processing equipment, all kinds of dust extractor, steel making equipment and steel rolling equipment (dia 250-650 rolling mill) etc.
As to steel, we sell wire, reinforced bar, plate (sheet,medium plate,coil,uncoil sheet), tube (seamless pipe,straight welded tubing,galvanized pipe, high frequency welding tube,helical tube etc), I-beam, angle bar-channel steel and any other steel. At the same time, we can roll all kinds of special section.
Year established: 2004
Company services: 1. sale steel products

2. sale of machinery conticaster,various kinds of furnace,steel rolling mill, flattener, plate rolling mill, tabled machine, high-frequency pipe welding machine, plate cutting machine, bending machine, wire-drawing machine, puncher, grinding machine, milling machine, frictional press, air hammer, agricultural tractor and its suited agricultural mechanical equipments, forklift, ditch-and-trench excavator, loader, electric welder etc.

3. processing, forging, casting various kinds of supporting roller, working roll, table roller, shaft roller etc.
Legal representative/CEO: Available to subcribers only
Main markets: Russia and CIS, Middle East, Far East Asia, China, North America, Cenral America and the Caribbean, Latin America, Africa, Oceania
Number of employees: 11 - 50 people
Annual sales range: Below 1 million USD
Member's name: Available to subcribers only
Member's job title: Office Executive
Trade leads: 18 lead(s) available

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